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General MDXInfo tutorial FAQ
We decided to put some questions together in a little FAQ here to clarify a few things on HLSL and some of our tutorials in general. If something in our tutorials doesn't particularly make sense, please check this page first.

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Profiling your application using PIX
Profiling allows you to analyze the performance of your application on a call-to-call, per frame basis. This is great for finding performance bottlenecks and getting a good overview of the actual calls made to DirectX from your application. The DirectX SDK comes with a rather decent profiler, called PIX, which we'll use in this tutorial.

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Picking tutorial, intersecting a mesh with a mouse ray
Intersecting a mesh with a mouse ray, often referred to as picking, is a technique to select meshes in your 3D world by clicking your mouse. In this tutorial we'll take a look at a nice clean way to do this in MDX and what can be done with the information obtained from an intersection test. This tutorial comes with a port of the C++ picking sample from the SDK.

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